Advantages and Benefits of Using GGBS

GGBS is specified for its many technical advantages and as a means of reducing the environmental impact of the production of Portland cement.
The many advantages and benefits of specifying GGBS are outlined below:

Superior Quality Concrete

Improved work ability, pump-ability and compaction characteristics for concrete placement

Superior Appearance

Improved surface finish Lighter and more even color Suppresses/eliminates efflorescence

Low Environmental Impact

Production of GGBS involves virtually zero CO2 emissions, and no emissions of SO2, NOX, CO, PM10.

Better Value for Money

Enhanced architectural appearance—reduced need for other expensive finishes or painting

Why we Suggest BuildCEM?

BUILDCEM GGBS is a recycled product and it replaces the use of portland cement in concerete on a one-for-one basis.Use BUILDCEM GGBS in concrete offers opportunity to consume by-product of steel manufacturing process.
  • Lower permeability of concrete.
  • Higher ultimate strength & Low heat of hydration.
  • Higher resistance to salts and aggressive/toxic environment.
  • Reduced Chloride-related corrosion of reinforcement.
  • Greatly reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Improved durability concrete, Better aesthetics & Lower overall Costs.

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